Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Elevating lifestyle through passionate design and artistic implementation.

Nike said it: Just do It, then you have the Be it and you'll see it scenario, well TIGER Handy gets beyond words to fuel your primal passion for in reality we have a choice, and that choice can bring a measure of excellence as yet unprecedented...

Expect to be in your new resort which you once called your home.

Commercially and organisationally Tiger Handy elevates and inspires you with design synergistic implementation that empower the creative spark, excellence and the unlimited juice for projects with passion.

For a quote, consult and or discussion feel welcome to contact Torq at Tiger Handy.

Tiger Handy aims for natural modernism, in other words, flexible enough to start with either a blank canvas or what ever 'stage' and form your at, I would be honoured to provide universal excellence to your project.

Sustainable, synergistic, abundant, loving could be some keywords that endure in your memories of Tiger Handy.